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Oracover Transparent Blue-Purple 21-074


  • Κατασκευαστής: Oracover

ORACOVER width: 60 cm length: 1 m

item number: 21-074

ORACOVER® coloured transparent: our range of transparent covering film in attractive, brilliant colours. For all modellers who have nothing to hide and wish to make an optimum display of their model airplane's good bones…

ORACOVER®, our leading product for covering RC model airplanes is patented worldwide.
The unique qualities of ORACOVER®: Permits re-positioning without fear of colour-layer separation - the only covering film giving you a second chance, it is fuel-resistant, tolerates temperatures up to 250°C, can be painted and is highly adhesive.
Applied according to instructions there will be no bubbles and no sagging.

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