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Propeller Shaft 300-01

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  • Κατασκευαστής: Raboesch

These RABOESCH high quality propeller shafts have a large range of application. For simple electric boats which are made from ABS, wood, please use 300-00/04. 300-01-03 have strong ABS tubes which makes gluing to your scale model very simple. The other propeller shafts have brass tubes. 300-11 has an extra strong shaft and tube. All the RABOESCH propeller shafts can be shortened very easily. All shafts are made from STAINLESS STEEL.


  Max RPM in the water Tube diameter Bearings-Lagers-Lager Shaft Demensions    
Code     Front Rear L1 L2 Diam Thread x Length
300-01 7000 5/7 mm Hard Brass Hard Brass 220 mm 270 mm 4 mm M4x16 mm


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